About us

Finite Link Consult Limited represents overseas Universities in Ghana and is considered amongst the most comprehensive consultants in Ghana. The process actually begins with career counseling. Our trained counselors advise students on careers in demand and try to match it with the student’s educational background, aptitude and aspiration. Our counselors are not just trained on options but have often also visited the institutions. The experiences of our part students are often referred to and this makes the process comprehensive. At Finite Link Consult Ltd, we believe that foreign education is not an expense but an investment where the return comes over a lifetime.


Our Mission

“To remain market leader through consistent delivery of quality, ethical and professionally sound service to our clients (students, education partners and government agencies). Finite Link Consult will continue setting challenging standards leading to an overall development in the industry”


Our Corporate Values are

  • Success Rate
  • Experience
  • Ethics
  • Knowledge


Reasons why Students seek F.L.C

  • Pioneer in the field with 9 years experience
  • Professional with firsthand experience
  • Deliver high-quality comprehensive and unbiased information.
  • Our philosophy to build up a reputation as a responsive resource for quality education consultants.
  • Our commitment to build a reputation with our associate Universities and Institutions for consistently professional treatment, integrity and being a comprehend resource for student recruitment.



  • Finite Link Consult Limited is one of the few pioneers of international education in Ghana since 2005 and still operates.
  • In addition to popular universities in Ukraine, Finite Link Consult also represents top universities in UK, US, Canada, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Russia and other parts of the world.
  • Students feedback surveys and institutions feedback have shown that Finite Link Consult counseled students is by far better informed than others.

Contact Us

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Finite Link Consult Ltd.
No. 746/7 Edwardo Modhlana Road
North Kaneshie, near Social Welfare
Accra - Ghana
P. O. Box 1314
Kaneshie - Accra, Ghana

Kumasi Branch
Asafo, new Abrotea JHS